Sunday, 2 February 2014

Barrowmaze Complete

Barrowmaze, Greg Gillespies dungeon-sprawl returns for it's third iteration. The new "complete" version includes everything from Barrowmaze I and II plus new details on the local town of Helix (which I'm  working on) and the surrounding environs a brand spanking new Erol Otus cover, all new layout and loads more stuff!

For those not familiar with Barrowmaze it and draws on Gregs erudite and extensive knowledge of popular and gaming culture, it's filled with little references and in-jokes without becoming a groanathon, although there is a streak of dark humour that runs through it, the overall atmosphere is of quiet brooding and the silence of the tomb! Whilst written for Labyrinth Lord, which makes it instamagically compatible with B/X D&D, it's useable with pretty much any RPG or skirmish rules with a little bit of effort on behalf of the gamesmaster.

Part of the project is also to include a box-set of Official Barrowmaze miniatures, released through Otherworld. The project hasn't yet reached it's funding goal, several of the minis and the art and design has already been completed, so it's pretty clear how much heart Greg is backing this with, and rightly so in my estimation, it's good sh*t. Yes of course I'm involved so I'm going to be biased towards it, but really, it's like Caverns of the Dead writ large, which is exactly my sort of thing...

Minis Packaging, graphic design (and packshot) by me,
 Illustration by Victor Perez Corbella

Crypt Thing
Speaking of which... I love me some murder-hobo D&D, (just don't try to get away with it being Lawful Good!) and whilst these guys are NPC encounters in Barrowmaze, they more than cry out to be used as low level PCs who get bitten by a small but vicious dog on level one (yeah you know what I'm talking about).

Tomb Robber

Murder Hobo 2
These are conversions of the Otherworld Henchmen, I haven't seen them credited on the so I ain't going to guess for fear of offending anyone. However the next pair have been sculpted by Andrew May:
Barrow Guardians

Nice concept, well executed - living statues that look like they should be straight out of a Harryhausen movie. So have a look, see what's going on... Barrowmaze Complete on Indiegogo

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