Tuesday, 13 January 2015

quick, lads! run!

It's Diana Rigg!
This months Miniatures Wargaming magazine has a lovely little introduction to all things Oldhammer - spreading the word to the wider gaming community.

Miniatures Wargaming #381 | via

The article starts with a really good definition of Oldhammer that manages to be both to the point and inclusive (no mean feat!) and then goes on to list a handful of sites and blogs of interest. Several of these are run by net-buddies and hugely talented miniatures gamers - well worth having a dig through if you don't already:

But wait, what's this? realmofzhu.blogspot.ie ? Shome mishtake shurely ? What is our humble old Realm doing listed in amongst these worthy sites? According to the author...
"More fantasy focussed than most of the other blogs on this list . Mr Zhu spends his time writing about British Industrial Relations of the early 1980s as represented in Warhammer Fantasy Battle Scenario Packs as well as a 2nd Edition Amazon Army List, feminism and Diana Rigg. Normally that stuff I would run a mile from - it is a credit to Mr Zhu that he manages to make this material interesting. Recommended."

The rest I can kind of see, but I'm not sure why anyone would run a mile from Diana Rigg! Thank you Mr. Kinch I'm glad you found my ramblings interesting enough to write about. Cheers!


  1. Oh and barely a mention of the FB group... Not bad considering the forum is apparently dying. Wonder if we'll see a membership surge, I won't hold my breath mind. Still nice to see somebody getting that we are more than just nostalgia.

    1. Not sure what Mr. Kinch's editorial stance was in selecting the blogs and sites he did. He seems to have captured a broad cross-section of Oldhammer activity. The forum and far, far from being dead.

      There is a lot of noteworthy material out there in the community (your stuff included - orc warband rules, what's not to love?) but I suspect space and time got in the way of listing all the amazing stuff.

  2. Just getting a description of Oldhammer everyone can aknowledge is a victory in itself. I'll thank Conrad for listing me amongst such estimed fellow members like you.

    1. The honour is all mine! Yes Mr Kinch is definitely to be commended for his description of the movement.