Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Welcome to Moorsgard, a small village on the Counts Road, bordering on Blackwood (to the North) and Ebonmoor (to the South).

Moorsgard | DIN A3 Board | Fineliners | by ZHU 2015
An curious little fantasy medieval village, containing a windmill, wizards tower, candle maker, tavern, herbalist and of course some goats and a pig. The kind of place one might catch some strange rumours in, or have to defend against some great tide of evil. Who knows the scheming, the romances, the jealousies, rivalries and firm friendships may form in a place such as this?

The drawing was a private commission and not destined for publication, so thought I'd share it with you good folks here. Hope you enjoy.


  1. There's something very wonderful about that. Reminds me of the village in the front of the Milly Molly Mandy books.

    1. Hey thank you. I'd not seen Joyce Lankester Brisley's work before. Lovely stuff.