Monday, 2 November 2015

The Box of Nekkutháne

The Box of Nekkutháne is an ongoing project to curate hisékh (music) to accompany an exploration of the world of Tékumel, The Empire of the Petal Throne the Five Empires and beyond.

The project embraces ethnomusicological exploration of the cultures which may be considered to have influenced M. A. R. Barkers creation of the sidereal universe - examples of sounds we may imagine have arisen from the cultures and peoples of Tékumel alongside music which evokes the broader genres which we can place the setting of Tékumel into and its connection to the real-world. As such it journeys through the underworlds of Electronica, World Music,  Psychedelia, Hip-hop, Eastern and Western cinema and video game music.

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The Box of Nekkutháne Volume 1

Knut Avenstroup Haugen — The Eternal Empire
Bombay Dub Orchestra — Flame Of The Fores
Altan Urag — Great Mongolia
Howard Drossin — Campfire
Metalface Doom & RZA - Books Of War (instrumental)
Giorgia Severi — Rajasthan folk
Ugasanie — Swamps Of Tunguska
Vijay Venkat — South Indian Traditional Folk Devotional
Amon Tobin — Angels & Demons
Maizon Tech — Dhalsim
Erik the Flutemaker — Morning Mist
George Harrison — Your Eyes
Karma — Você Pode Ir Além
Lehigh Choral Arts — Two Chinese Folksongs

This is a personal soundscape of Tékumel and is not endorsed by The Tékumel Foundation . Volume One is dedicated to our fellow travellers, honourable explorers and chroniclers of the sidereal universe. No guarantee regards the control of Ngóro is implied, and any attempt to use it in such a manner is entirely at the users own risk.

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  1. The Rise of the Godslayer is beautiful. The blend of east and western music styles is very evocative of Conan... although it would be sweet music for any fantasy roleplaying session. Thanks for the intro to this!

    1. The whole of Knut Avenstroup Haugens Age of Conan soundtracks (both Hyborean Adventures and Rise of the Godslayer) are very good, glad to have introduced you to them. The blending of styles that Knut weaves is central to the Tékumel experience. We'll certainly be returning to them in Volume II.

  2. Thanks for another cracking set of atmospheric recommendations. Added more a fair few of thes to my D&D playlists :)

    1. Things get a bit ethnomusicololgical. Did I ever blog about Volume 2? I don't know, anyway it's here: The Box of Nekkutháne Volume 2.

    2. Nice one - cheers! I keep meaning to do a blog post about my own D&D playlists at some point. I'll drop you a link if I do.