Thursday 28 April 2016

Classic Fantasy RPG T-shirts

Available NOW from Games Sesh! 

These were a recent commission to produce a series of t-shirt designs based on classic and contemporary fantasy roleplaying imagery. Each design features a collection of artefacts and equipment that reflect the class, and a two word slogan that captures the spirit.  There are a lot of nods and references to pop culture and gaming art in the images, I won't point them out, as I hope it's as much fun catching them as it was putting them in!


Fighter shield sword axe, water bottle, D10 rope and crossbow and d10 hit dice.


Clerics shield with warhammer crossbow, incense censer holy symbol, mace and candles and d8 hit dice.


Rogue with lock-picking equipment, skeleton keys, crowbar, lantern, marble pouch, hammer and jewel, and d8 hit dice


Wizard with spell books, magic ball, wand, magic potion, quill, magical daggers,  d6 hit dice.

As ever, apologies for the low-res, slightly blurry photos, all original drawing are A3 on 250gsm Bristol Board, 297mm x 420mm (ISO A3).

From the Game Sesh site:

Each T-shirt is printed on the highest quality Gildan Ultra 100% cotton garments. The designs are individually screen printed using the discharge printing method where the ink evaporates the dye from the garment & replaces it with pigment from the ink, which leaves the print feeling very soft. The T-shirts are currently available in a range of sizes from Medium to XXL...

Each T-shirt comes with a high quality Chessex speckled polyhedral dice of the type featured in the particular design.

The T-shirts are available NOW! From Game Sesh at:


  1. Very nicely done Zhu, I'll be ordering one for wearing when I'm out and about being a geek.

    1. Excellent sartorial choice Sir! May I suggest several of the designs are also suitable for wearing down the gym and other less geeky pastimes.

  2. I'm a natural born paladin ;)

    1. I always had you down as a Rogue! Trader of course :-P.

      The Paladin will be forthcoming in Wave 3.

  3. Those are fabulous! I shall be pointing my gaming group in that direction with heavy hints when the DM shirt comes out ;)

    1. Thanks Rab. Indeed a DM or GM shirt is in the pipeline.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Angry Monk!

      Hey, there's a Monk class shirt coming up too.