Thursday, 19 May 2016

Oldhammer T-shirts - Reverse Flash Sale!

From friday the prices of all Oldhammer / Rogue Trader t-shirts in the Zhu-shop will increase to £19.99.  The main reason for this is that the way Spreadshirt cost their stock is changing and this has a lot of knock-on effect on the way the things in the shop are priced.

Not to worry tho' as any order placed today or tomorrow AM will be at the original bargain price!

Meanwhile, anyone who bought the "first edition" Oldhammer in Battle There is No Law t-shirt in the khaki green may be pleased to know the edition has now sold out, and they have a genuine rare, OOP, ltd. edition original Oldhammer T-shirt.

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought one (or three!) so far.

NB. I am only responsible for producing the designs, not the manufacture or distribution of the garments.  Please check Spreadsheets generous returns policy and check sizing before placing an order. Shirts might smell a bit weird due to the manufacturing process, just wash them before wearing the first time. Spreadshirt share only limited customer data with designers, so I won't get your personal details or banking information. 

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