Tuesday 28 June 2016

Steam & Aether Steampunk Armies 20% Off

Our good friends over at Meridian Miniatures are having a 20% OFF summer sale!

Just put coupon code 20SUMMER16 in your basket before checkout, and get 20% off Includes all British and Prussian Steampunk Armies and creatures in the Bestiary. Offer Ends 4th July 2016.

Anyway, here's a shot of my as yet unfinished squad of Steam & Aether Miniatures.

As Victorian Science Fiction troops the huge variety of body pose, marching, at ease, advancing, firing, makes building large flavourful massed armies easy. The S&A range have separate heads, and lot of head packs (not included in the sale). I've taken a selection of Prussian bodies and given them 'Eastern Turban' heads. In the Steam & Aether background, these are intended to represent British Sikhs in the  alternative history timeline.

But for me, the steampunk weaponry, back-packs, breathing apparatus make them fantastic Humanspace Empire Troopers, sent to the planet Tékumel to subjugate the inimical native Hlýss, who will be represented by Tyranids, and some not-strictly-accurate-to-Tékumel, primitive Shén allies represented by Troglodytes, before terraforming begins...

But meanwhile, get in on  Meridian Miniatures sale.

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