Monday, 10 October 2016

WotCN III RBG Norse Adventurer Miniatures KS

Our good friends at Red Box Games are running a Kickstarter to fund a gang of Norse /Viking adventurer miniatures, for which Zhu Industries has supplied graphic works to support the campaign:

The use of knotwork and historical influences combined with a clean stylisation that is intended to echo the design philosophy of the miniatures - historically informed costume design, cleanly detailed  sculpting with a strong, dynamic posing and iconic silhouette.    Those who make their runic lore roll might identify the dreki / wyrms  and their tongues are forming an Othalla rune and the Anglo-saxon form of Ingwuz.  The main graphic was then used to build various headers by adding typography and an additional 'thread' device, and slightly less arcane use of runes where appropriate.

The Warbands of the Cold North Kickstarter is currently funded at 200% and has just under a week left. Tre's work in progress on the miniatures sculpts can be seen at the KS page, meanwhile here are two tasters:

Male Warrior WIP

Female Mage WIP

Also somewhat less recently Zhu Industries produced a piece that graces the blister packaging of RBG releases, replacing the old blister packaging artwork / art card,  which had also been designed by Zhu Industries.

RBG Packaging Graphic

This is a riff on Larry Elmores classic Red Box cover, albeit rendered in a bold, graphic style. "Red Box" Dungeons & Dragons is at the heart of the RBG world, although it is decidedly more 'northern' in mood and atmosphere.  


  1. Beautiful work as always, and that Elmore red box riff is spot on but with a distinct nordic stylisation. Cracking stuff!