Friday, 22 June 2018

Sorcery: FAL and the Three Musicians

Once again we compare and contrast, a 1980s Gamebook illustration by John Blanche and a 1890s Fairy tale illustration by Henry Justice Ford.

John Blanche | The Sorcery Spell Book (1983)

The Three Musicians | Henry Justice Ford | The Green Fairy Book (1892)

Face - eyebrows nose and ears, shoes, coat drapery follow the line around the coat tails, it is almost an exact copy, the pose, including arm positions. While retaining the same shape and structure,  the  ornament and pattern of the coat are quite different, Fords quiliting on the cuff and paisley giving the feel of an orientalist persian mystique replaced by Blanches bold, and rathe scruffy Mod two-tone cheques. The main difference in the removing of the second figure being ridden in the original , the removal of the club and the adding of a second leg which would be obscured by the figure in the first, and the flowing upward of the beard which gives the figure a greater impression of falling.

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  1. Blanche also seems to have taken the ribbons from the fiddler's legs and added them to the ankles of the old man.

    1. Or at least given him stripey stockings as a nod to the ribbons of the original.

    2. Yes. There's definitely a shock sock stripe shoe strap swap going on there!