Monday 13 May 2019

Excellent Travelling Volume 10

Issue 10 of James Maliszewski's Tékumel Fanzine The Excellent Travelling Volume, for M.A.R. Barkers Tékumel adventure game setting with a colour cover by myself is now available.

The Excellent Travelling Volume #10

Issue 10, also includes my drawings of the Tinalíya and Urunén, alongside two of the Shúr Ésh, an original humanesque race for Tékumel created by James. Gameable content includes Tinalíya and Urunén as player races, six micro-dungeons inspired by The Power Maps of Glory artefact from The Empire of the Petal Throne, a city guide for the Shúr Ésh, and magical shields and armour.

Interior artwork by Luigi Castenelli, Dyson Logos, Alex Mayo.

The Excellent Travelling Volume 10 is available in the US and Canada from and in the UK / Europe from Melosian Arts Council


  1. Very nice artwork, and very refreshing to see you do some colour work as well. Do you have any other examples of colour work?

    1. Thanks Dougles. There's a few colour pieces of Tékumelyani out there - the Meeting in No-Space, the Divers of the Southern Seas and The Legion of the Lord of Red Devastation all for the Tékumel Project as well as the back cover to The Excellent Traveling Volume #10.

    2. I found Divers of the Southern Seas and the Meeting in No-Space. Very nice work indeed.