Thursday 14 September 2023

On the Workbench

Currently there are three sets of Vlätkrig Fantasy Paper Minis being actively worked on at various states of development, the Eotnas Helawort, The Rangers of Hölavej and 'The Raven Coven'.

Set Six: Eotnas Helawört

Stage: Layout

This is something of a companion set to the Vackreth Deorghast, consisting of large wooden magical contructs, or zoomorphic Ents / Treant type creatures, based on traditional British / European 'game', or animals that are hunted for sport. Inspired by the Ents of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the anglo-saxon herbals and Robert Holdstocks Mythago Wood.

As with the Vackreth Deorghast, some proceeds from the sale of set will go to an animal welfare charity.

The set will contain 6 individual Eotnas Helawört:

  • Staenyöruk - Stag 
  • Barlokösht - Boar
  • Droþaygros - Grouse 
  • Rhûvyârb - Wolf 
  • Köshlyþa - Fox 
  • 3x Kânengro - Hares

Eotnas Helawört will also contain a sheet of Clochán an Aifir inspired hexagonal béton-brut scatter terrain.

Set Seven: Rangers of Hölavej

Stage: Ideas and Sketches

A Mid/Low level, over-burdened adventuring party featuring members of Gnörf, Köbling, Haemogoblin and Gáldaethra, and perhaps some new types (probably Orcneas or Dökkálfar ), all with elements of uniform costume or accoutrements. Inspired by Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring as the eponymous company leave Lothlórien , as a mythological mirror to world war one trench warfare, along with Terry Pratchett's The Watch (Guard Guards et. al.), Gary Chalk and Joe Dever's Order of the Kai from the Lone Wolf Series and various 1980's Dungeon Adventurer Starter Set miniatures.

Set Eight: 'The Raven Coven'

Stage: Ideas

A 'druidic' / nordic magical cult, featuring Gnörf, Köbling, Haemogoblin and Gáldaethra members. Themed magic-user types that can be added to the other sets as an additional 'character class' or as a wizard for a warband / army. There will be 13 figures, probably one male and female of each, and in the case of the Galdethra, two female, which leaves five others which might be new creatures (probably Orcneas or Dökkálfar ). Inspired in part by the pseudo-historical Witch Cult of Margaret Murray and its fakelore derivatives, and contemporary historical understanding of Norse magic (seiðr), especially Neil Price's The Viking Way.

...and Beyond

Stage: Ideas

Also loose ideas for ranged weapons sets for the Gnorf, Kobling, Haemogoblin and Galdaethra sets...

Existing Vlätkrig Development

Meanwhile the current sets are still to be expanded.
  • + VTT tokens for all existing products. These are now mostly done and ready to upload.
  • + Colour! Hand colouring and preparing VTT tabeltop tokens
  • + mini-game / pamphlet zine. A standalone scenario / rules for each set that can also be combined with other sets. 

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported, followed, shared and downloaded our Vlatkrig fantasy paper miniatures so far. If you have any thoughts on these planned additions to the range or if there's anything you'd like to see added to the series, let us know in the comments below!

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