Tuesday 8 March 2011

Female Armour: Chainmail II

Morguse, From BBC "Merlin". I'm not a follower of the Merlin TV series (all images borrowed from this blog). So don't have much to say about the character other than she is the young Arthurs half-sister.  The armour consists of 3 parts, 3/4 length chainmail tunic, plate collar, cowl, and arm plate armour. The wrapped up arms look kind of cool, the twists and turns on the piecemeal plate also nicely reflect the loose curls of the hair. I'm guessing she's a treacherous, twisty-turny kind of gal. However I'd be concerned about the angle the gauntlets pull away at creating weapon traps, alternatively, with her high-armed fighting style, they become almost like buckers, able to deflect blows away.

It's also a good example of how the heavy chain naturally straightens out feminine curves, a higher waistline on the belt might have been slightly more flattering  There are some fan-edited shots of the Moguse armour in action here (jump to 1:44) - it's also interesting to note that while Arthur spends almost his entire time wearing his plate / chain combo, Morguse's costumes are far more varied array of princess dresses. Back to the hair - it's interesting to note that given the opportunity, she remains fully helmeted, there are two reveal shots where Morgue removing her helmet frees her elaborately tongued (and half braided!) curls - followed by shots that look like characters being shocked that she's a girl who kicks ass.  Not totally relevant, but I have a strong dislike of Emilia Fox and her two facial expressions as an actress.

NOTE: there was an image of Morguse on a horse, wearing baggy trousers, but it's gone now...

Surely chopping Morguses legs off while she's on the horse would be the first thing to happen, with no split in the chainmail tunic, it rides up exposing the trousered  leg. I'd be suggesting Elmore pay attention, at this point, but are blue denim trousers really any more protection to sword attacks than a bare thigh? No.

Also I don't mean to go all Gok Wan, but raising the belt would create a much more flattering cut. See below:
Alexander Wang Chainmail Sweater (from 2009) | Laurenn @ chictopia
Yes, that's a real chainmail sweater-dress, not a cosplay or a LaRPer but a piece of clothing by an internationally known fashion designer. Unfortunately it's not actually metal, but, gosh. Very taken with the cuffs and hem having a different texture, nicely designed. It's also interesting that Laurenn, the girl wearing the jumper-dress does mention that it's very cold. Something for a theoretical adventurer to consider...


  1. On the subject of female adventurers - are there any good miniature lines (past or present - eBay is my vice) that have (armoured) female adventurers suitable for Classic D&D and/or WFRP. So no Wonder Woman in a chainmail bikini, more 'realistic'.

  2. Well, of course, I am a big fan of Tre' Manor's Red Box Games, I featured a few in my earlier female armour posts, or you can start with Henga RolfsDottir and dig around the web-store. There are quite a few in the Norse and the humans Aelfar.

    Hasslefree also have two nice pieces of female warriros in full plate armour, the somewhat Blanchesque Jenova and the paladin Tiriel.

    Old lead on eBay search for "witch elf citadel" or "dark elf citadel" and look out for the 80s and pre slotta stuff.

  3. Thanks - I'd not seen those Red Box miniatures before and they are very nice looking indeed.