Wednesday 30 March 2011

Realm of Zhu: Year One

Time to indulge in the navel gazing that seems inevitable with blogging. Since it's inception the Realm of Zhu has had 14,109 pageviews,  I've written 65 posts, and raised enough cash through advertising to buy a second hand copy of the Citadel of Chaos from a carboot-sale (Google ads terms prevent me from disclosing the exact sum, but I think you can work it out). Yes, blogging can be fun and profitable!

Most popular posts
No real suprises here, as others have pointed out generally about OSR blogs the creative stuff gets a lot less hits than the commentary and review stuff.

Female armour posts  (total combined views 4135)
Rogue Trader - The Space Rock Opera (258 views)
Fighting Fantasy Collector Checklist & Guide (230 views)
Lord of the Rings minis from White Dwarf 67 (220 views)

Popular Google Searches
These are clustered, so 'grace holley armor' etc. is included in Grace Holley:

Grace Holley (82)
Female Armour (75)
LoTR / Lord of the Rings (72)
Fighting Fantasy (53)

However, it must be noted that image search keywords aren't counted here, and by and large the largest number of visits is from Google image search.

Weird Google Searches
Unfortunately are few and far between:

Naked wargame minis (nope, none here)
Wizard of the dark Zhu (awesome)

Top Referrers
Sites other than the mighty Google which send traffic this way: (94 - thanks Coop!) (44 hey -check out the updated 2011 collectors guide) (40)

The Realm of Zhu was ranked 202 in Cyclopeans gargantuan list of old-school blogs ranked by number of followers.

Now my intention was to use this blog to do mostly world-building and post D&D related drawings. However, rather than finding blogging fueling creativity, instead I find I'm mostly nostalgia-posting, drinking booze, playing gamebooks, whittering on about hobbits, and posting pictures of pretty ladies wearing armour.

Grace Holley welcomes you to the OSR (via Jetrefilm)

Well, here's to the next 12 months, thanks to all the followers and commentatorators, it's you guys (along with that copy of the Citadel of Chaos) that makes it all worth while - Cheers!


  1. It's interesting to know other bloggers' statistics. I've decided to copy your great idea and do a year in review on August 27th, a year since my first post. I hope you're enjoying Citadel of Chaos!

  2. The GANJEES always get me in the end...

    I'm surprised that there isn't more google advertising on Old School gaming blogs, it doesn't take much effort to click on a couple of ads and support your favourite blogs.