Monday 1 August 2011

dungeon-pop and dragonsurrealism

So if you got the job art-directing D&D 5e for WoTC, what would it look like? My answer below.

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual Owlbear

5E Dungeons and Dragons: Kenku

5th Edition Umber Hulk

Art by Heiko Mueller

5th Edition Wilderness Survival Guide
Lolth D&D 5e Deities and Demigods

D&D 5e Dungeoneers Survival Guide
Art by Camille Rose Garcia

5e Monster Manual treant

Art by

5th Edition D&D Gryphen

Displacer Beast / Manticore
5th Edition D&D Lolth!

Art by Ben Newman

I often wonder why D&D and pop-surrealism haven't cross-bred into a new and wonderous garden of illustrated game.

Somewhere, in all our minds the Dungeon lurks as a subconscious mirror of our dreams and fears, delving like lucid dreamers for riches and insight, populated by half-imagined, half-borrowed archetypes glimpsed in fever-states from childhood terrors and solving weird incalculable puzzles.

There are exits towards: hi-fructose / juxtapoznobrow


  1. Very nice find!
    I've seen a compilation of "Hi-fructose" artists before (maybe with that title). It does seem like there is a lot of awesome fantasy art out there in the "real art" world, beyond the comicbook/manga stuff WotC commissions, and it's a shame it gets overlooked.

  2. Actually, I'd love a whole Monster Manual done up like that.