Thursday 18 August 2011

One of Our Fimir is Missing

I snagged a copy of Heroquest for £1.50 at a local charity shop (one that doesn't trawl eBay before making pricing decisions). And lo and behold - it was near complete and in excellent condition - the book are a bit crinkly and the box had one corner split, and had just one Fimir missing. 

Three Little Fimir standing in a row, one fell off and... | image via

There's a One-Eyed Fellow Hiding to the North of Kammendun. 

What I didn't realise is that the card artwork is by Gary Chalk. Amazing stuff, also references the Talisman card artwork - the fountain of strength, amulet of lore and genie particularly.

And not that anyone round here cares what Games Workshop do any more, apparently Fimir have made a comeback with their latest Störm ov Magick or whatever it's called:

Fimir Balefiend | via Liber Malefic

So anyone got a spare Heroquest Fimir for a trade?


  1. I'll send you one just email me your address to

    The Duke

  2. That should have been, sorry...