Monday, 4 November 2013

Random Star Wars Nostalgia Post

A long time ago in a newsagents far far away...


  1. I had that image of them trying to get on the Millenium Falcon - I think it was one of those things you put stickers on?

  2. Kelvin - nice! Does Leia get even more disco on the inside?

    Steve - yes, that is a rub-down transfer backing off the back of a packet of Shreddies (who later did the D&D / Citadel Miniatures holograms IIRC). They do a nice interior of the deathstar in pastel pink, but this is the one I remember, almost looks like Moebius.

  3. I have a later marvel Starwars Annual, did loads of those transfers collected the Sticker books though never completed any...

    I'm pretty sure I have an Orc hologarm knocking about somewhere but not certain that's what it was.