Thursday, 14 November 2013

Random Doctor Who Post

Paul McGann probably my favourite Doctor for the long running audio drama series of Eighth Doctor Adventures.

I'll be honest "I'm a Doctor, but probably not the one you were expecting" gave me the shivers. One happy geek.


  1. It really made me wish that we had gotten more (well, any really) televised episodes with him. The movie was . . . well, it was Doctor Who, just not what I was looking for. But this, this was.

    1. Haven't rewatched the TV movie since it's first airing, so can't comment on that! I'm pretty sure a Sheriden Smith & Paul McGann TV series would have been hugely popular, but the writing on the audio series is imho better than anything in new-Who. For anyone reading this thinking "what's he on about?" more than usual - BBC Radio 4 Extra are repeating several 8th Doctor adventures soon: and they're also playing "Lucie Miller" - which is a great story, but not one I'd recommend for someone coming to the characters new.