Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nemesis The Warlock Animation!

Tony Luke recently released these still-shots from a his 1987 Nemesis The Warlock animation...

Nemesis and Ro-Jaws

Moody, cool, noir and impressive as the photos are, after a little digging I found that these were actually shots of Tony Lukes student film, which isn't really impressive, moody or noir. It is quite cool tho, especially as it guest stars some rather familiar little plastic people...

Meanwhile, here's Rob Hubbards epic 8-bit Dungeon Synth Theme tune to C64 deathpile platformer classic Nemesis the Warlock:

and to complete the thing here's Shriekbacks frankly full on post-punk proto martial industrial 40k pop hit:  Nemesis.

Obligatary amazon link Nemesis


  1. Ye gods, Hubbard was a genius.

    1. Yea verily. His soundtrack for The Immortal (NES) well worth a listen for it's lo-fi minimalist digital medievalism...

  2. Very interesting! Your mention of 'dungeon synth' provides me with a cue for some shameless self-promotion. Mithrim Records is my cassette-only label dedicated to said genre. There's a FB page too.

  3. Plug away! its good stuff ;-)