Wednesday, 21 May 2014

[RFM] Bolt Thrower 8 BIT

Another musical interlude, here at Radio Free Maganmund! This time I have unearthed some glorious 8-bit cover versions of every gamers favourite 80's Grindcore band: Bolt Thrower - Enjoy!

No Guts No Glory [8-bit]

The Killchain [8-bit]

For Victory [8-bit]

This Time it's War [8-bit]

Those Once Loyal [8-bit]


When Cannons Fade [8-bit]

7th [8bit] Offensive

Epic tunage variously programmed by  Robert Nocturne and Insidious Warfare.


  1. Cool! Two of my favorite things combined.

  2. Same here, double classic for me !

    Nothing like the sound of 8-bit double kick drum...

    Very nice find Zhu.

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