Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lasercut Oldhammer Stonethrower Templates for the Benefit of Humanity.

Blake Shrode of Oldhammer in the New World got in touch about using my Oldhammer ov Khaos logo for some templates to celebrate the inaugural Oldhammer convention in Naggaroth the New World North America.

Oldhammer ov Khaos | Stonethrower template | 2014 [zhu]

As well as featuring my sanity-destroying Oldhammer ov Khaos logo on a 5" template with numerals in Casablanca Antique and title in Feinen, perfectly in keeping with the typographical standards of 3rd edition Warhammer. These have been Expertly laser-cut in plastic and wood by the rabid laser-blasting tinker gnomes at Iron Heart Artisans  . Blake has descided to release these to the general public each template costs + $10 + $4 shipping - payment and order (noting which colour(s) you would like) to read more about it here.

Orders placed before November 9th will have my modest remuneration for artwork donated to Project Alchemy - an Oldhammer and Collecting Citadel Miniatures project set up and run by eminent Oldhammerists Jon Boyce, Tony Mansfield, Steve Casey, James Craig  to raise money for UNICEF. So get in quickly!

Not interested in lasercut stonethrower templates for Old School Wahammer? What's wrong with you!?! Probably nothing. So go and have a look at some of the amazing old stuff that you can win by donating to Project Alchemy , original artwork from Ian Miller, the original artwork of Tony Acklands awesome demon summoning template from warhammer 3, some superbly painted old miniatures, rare publications and more.

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