Thursday 23 October 2014

Red Box Games Heroic Miniatures Kickstarter

RBG's 5th Kickstarter - with some added Zhu

Red Box Games Heroic Miniatures Kickstarter

Murderhobo WIP sculpts Tre Manor / RBG 2014
Click for the bigger!

Bandito WIPs updated!

...and here are some of the concept sketches what I did draw:

Brigand concept sketches [zhu] 2014

The first five (the slightly more 'exotic' characters may be unlocked later): Spoony, Welard, Rodders the Deserter, Mike the Spike (my names, not the official ones) made it into the first gang.

"Concept Art" means different things to different people, there's a tendency (especially with Kickstarters) for it to mean "final design that the sculptor will produce" and so the concept art really needs to be tightly finished. Tre' doesn't quite work like that, but rather develops his own take on the idea, so the drawings for working purposes just need to be a seed. Although that does mean for marketing purposes they don't really sell the idea in the way a more finished drawing does, neither does it constrain Tre from embellishing and reposing as he sees fit during sculpting, and besides he know his world, how shoes are made, what hats look like, and doesn't need to be instructed on details like that. Without being sycophantic,  it is quite amazing how Tre's sculpting brings these tiny scribbles to life while emphasising the essence of the character.

For inspiration well of course Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st  early careers. N2 The Forest Oracle, by Carl Smith, arguably the worst written D&D module ever , contains this jem describing brigands:  "It is plain that they are not soldiers by their haphazard way of walking. They are neither tarrying nor running. They do not seem to be joking loudly or singing as they advance". Yes indeed! But more importantly, the renaissance and medieval art (Bruegel and Bocsh most significantly), hopefully grounding them in a realistic fantasy milieu, and a bit of The Water Margins.

Gamewise, well for wargaming these guys make great conscripts / peasant levies for medieval armies.

For role-playing, D&D low-level chaotic/neutral/evil characters, the kind of guys busy catching rats in the sewers catching syphilis and getting bitten by small vicious dogs, traipsing around the countryside stealing the lords sheep, going down the dungeon, killing things and taking their stuff.  Low morale (and low moral!) henchmen, hired for a few copper-pieces and likely to turn tail at the first sign of danger. And of course, they make classic WFRP murderhobos.

Alternatively they can be cast as adversarial roughneck brigands and bandits, threatening convoys and terrorising the local pubs, just waiting to be put back into line by our more wholesome heroes, like these guys (also in the Kickstarter):

There are a whole load  more on the site, and more in the pipeline. The KS has already reached its primary funding goal, and is going on to steadily unlock more goodies: Have a look:

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