Monday, 25 July 2016

Barrowmaze: The Forbidden Caverns of the Archaia

Greg "Barromaze" Gillespie returns with a brand new old-school epic mega dungeon project - The Forbidden Caverns of the Archaia.

I can't tell you much about the project because it's all top secret, mind-bending, paradigm shifting awesomeness. And it is largely unwritten, undrawn and unexplored territory. However I can show you this drawing that Greg commissioned me to do of a small group of adventurers before an enormous valley of strange rock formations and even stranger dungeon entrances cut into the sides.

The adventure begins...

So Greg is raising funds to do The Forbidden Caverns of the Archaia on Kickstarter, which went live yesterday and is already 86% funded, which is great. Thematically dungeon itself will focus on Humanoid Monster types (in the same way Barrowmaze focused on the undead), will contain a load of art (from me and the rest of the Barrowmaze crew), and provide a whole bunch of OSR, D&D, B/X ideas and gaming material useable for years to come.

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