Monday, 8 August 2016

Planström Dungeon Floorplan System: Set One

The Planström Dungeon Floorplan System is a universal grid system for the display and exploration of interior and underground environments for role-playing and tabletop wargaming designed for home printing and self assembly, designed by ZHU Industries.

Planström Set 1 cover

Print and cut dungeon rooms, corridors and doors to the required size for the published module or home-brew adventure you are playing and lay down elements to unveil the dungeon as you play. Print as many sheets as you need to create increasingly larger and more complex mega-dungeons.

Sample Planström Layout

Planström is designed on a 25mm / 5ft scale grid and is 100% compatible with the most popular miniatures ranges and tabletop roleplaying game systems.

Planström Dungeon Floorplan System Set One: Room, Corridor & Doors contains three unique sheets of hand-drawn dungeon tiles:

  • Planström Sheet 1A Rooms large flagstone set designed for rooms and open spaces 
  • Planström Sheet 1B Corridors with smaller stones for corridors and enclosed spaces
  • Planström Sheet 1C Doors one sheet of dungeon doors for gateways, entrances and barriers.

Technical Specifications:
  • Scale / 25mm
  • Color / Mono (black)
  • Paper Size / DIN A4 (will print comfortably on US letter paper)
  • Resolution / 1200 dpi
  • Sheets / 3
  • Filetype / PDF
  • Filesize / 1.2 MB
Example Planström Layout

Planström has been designed for classic dungeon-crawl style gaming. As Planström is free from details tied to specific locations, themes or settings, it affords both Dungeon Masters and players imaginative scope to visualise the space be it an ancient temple ruin, a dwarven city or darkest dungeons of The Necromancer.

Planström Set One is available to download from DriveThruRPG priced £0.99 / $1.29


  1. That's a good one ! Any chance to get sci-fi in future sets ?

    1. Yeah great idea! There will be a set for generic sci-fi tentatively titled Kosmoström.