Friday, 16 December 2016

Step Into the Unknown

Stay warm this winter with the Step into the Unknown Hooded Top I designed for Games Sesh . Available now, along with 13 (yes 13!) other RPG themed t-shirts.


  1. I love these... the class specific shirts are a grand idea (was it your idea?). So many lovely details in the pics, starting with the demon face on the player's guide.

    These designs would make great tattoos...

    1. Thanks Matthew!

      The original idea to do class t-shirts came from Ben Coulthard at Games Sesh. Usually we were both just in total agreement from day one on what should be on the shirt! They are chock full of 'easter eggs', nods and references to classic D&D art, Lord of the Rings movies, Traveller, Conan, the D&D cartoon, Robin of Sherwood, and some totally original bits too! Full credit goes to Ben for the slogans.