Saturday 5 June 2010

Lord of the Rings minis from White Dwarf 67 (July 1985)

ME 61: Sauron the Dark Lord

Sauron doesn't really appear in the Lord of the Rings, and we're certainly not given a description of him, so we get what is essentially a wraith on a giant ornately carved throne (there are naked figures entwined with entrails, like somehing out of Dante's Inferno), surmounted by the Eye of Sauron. As a diarama peice or dungeon furniture this is a very cool mini, but not really useful on the wargaming table. The back of the throne is a giant backbone with shoulder-blade bones, making it an impresive miniature 'in the round'. I quite like the uncredited paint-job here, the rust and blood colouring giving the whole thing a suitably hellish intestinal feel.

In this issue we were also treated to a small black and white collection of other miniatures from the Range photographed by Richard Harcourt (thanks Rich!). Top row: ME 34 Merry, ME 34 Bilbo, ME 34 Pippin, ME 82 Gollum, ME 34 Sam and ME 34 Frodo, with a ME-25 Ranger of Ithilien. The second row comprises ME 83 Tom Bombadil mounted on Fatty Lumpkin and Standing, ME75 Knight of Dol Amaroth (standing only), and a mounted/standing pair of ME 12 Aragorn: Strider the Ranger.


  1. Wow - that Sauron mini is really really cool!

  2. The throne is verging on the weird-fantasy isn't it ?!? Quite different from the usual quasi-medieval treatment Tolkien gets these days. I can imagine Erol Otus doing a 1960's Ballantine fantasy book featuring something very similar in lurid greens and purples...