Saturday 12 June 2010

Lord of the Rings minis from White Dwarf 68 (August 1985)

ME 13: Frodo the Hobbit

Just one photo from the Lord of the Rings minatures range this time. What's this then? Frodo on a pony. Never happened. Nice pony tho', obviously a Shire horse. Have we mentioned the 80's Citadel designers love of puns before? I think we have. Shire horse for a hobbit, get it? Oh how they must have gaffawed over their green stuff

But yeah, Frodo not once rode a pony. I suppose that's a problem with creating a formula, 3 figs 1 mounted, 1 standing, 1 mount, and then sticking to it, is that there are certain incongruities in the range. Damned useful for gaming tho' - especially as you can have a mounted and dismounted version of your general, commander, unit leader. or character. Unless you're playing a LoTR game of course, when you'll never ever need a Frodo on a pony.

The really nice brushwork (what is that - high wargaming standard? pro?) is by Lindsey le Doux Paton. The earthy tones of the halfling against the dark horse make a nice dramatic contrast. I'd be tempted to have done that horse "bay", and kept the colour scheme all neutrals. As black Shires are more expensive than bay ones, someone called "le Doux Paton" can obviously afford to show a little more panache with their horse, or perhaps this signifies something about Frodos accumulated inheritance from Bilbo.


  1. yes there is a Frodo who rode a pony on the way from Crickhollow to the barrow-downs, or my cpópy of the novel is different than others.

    The pony threw him in the fog just before the part with the barrow-wight.

    best regards!

  2. Thanks anon!

    I also totally forgot that Frodo returns from Minas Tirith to the Shire on a pony - nicknamed Strider who later takes him on to the Grey Havens.

  3. You probably already know this but Lindsey de la Doux Paton joined White Dwarf/GW after Bryan Ansell moved operations to Nottingham. She later married Rick Priestley and went on to edit a large number of GW/Black Library works as Lindsey Priestley. I didn't know she had done some of the early painted minis in WD though! A talented lady!

    1. Yes, I do know that now, but probably didn't when I originally wrote this post. Lindsey also wrote computer game reviews in TASC back in the day under the nom-de-plum Jabberwock. Much talent indeed!

      BTW it's great to see you pick up on all these old posts!

    2. Now I did not know that before either!

      I spend the time in between coats of paint drying catching up on seminal Oldhammer blogs. An extremely rewarding enterprise :)