Friday, 25 June 2010

Lord of the Rings minis from White Dwarf 70 (October 1985)

 ME-44  Uruk-Hai - Orc Guards

A little leg-repositioning, a little weapon removing, sticking a spear on the helm, a gurning goblin face shield and ta-da, gone are the Tolkienesque eye and sensible armour, and in it's place the mad raving Hieronymus Bosch-esque vision of none other than Citadel art supremo John Blanche.

In many ways this (is/was) a quintessential 80s Citadel miniature, cool "come get some" pose, huge shoulder-pads with spikes, boots with turn downs. Also I'm guessing the global population of orc miniatures outweighs the rest of fantasy-dom put together, so it's a popular choice. Later in the series we get to see this miniature converted by another classic Citadel staffer. There's something about making the miniature 'your own' and also Citadel saying 'it's not just for Tolkien fans' in showing off these conversions.

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