Thursday, 29 September 2011

15mm SciFi 40K Rogue Trader Project

If I was ever to start up a 40K Rogue Trader project I wouldn't bother with GW figures, not even Old School Citadel off of ebay. Nope, I'd head straight for 15mm Sci-fi.

And probably be throwing money at Critical Mass Games.


Spayce Mareeeeeenz

Star Wars Cantina Squadron
Funky, characterful designs, with a wide variety of aliens and exotic weapons. It might be the bright, clean paint-jobs that are really selling these to me. Remember when Power Armour was just an equipment choice rather than just for Spayce Mareens?

I sold off all my Rogue Trader minis, the RTB01 Space Marines, a couple of C100's, some Space Dwarves the Imperial Guard and a handful of Eldar - all part of my Rogue Traders retinue - and a useful mix of miniatures for skirmishing.   Actually I still have a bunch of plastic Orks that nobody wants - but the bitz come in handy as freebies for my eBay-ing.

Khurasan  Miniatures

Mekanoid Grenadier Meleebots
Wasp-men - Tyranids? Eldar?
Rebel Minis

Skull-headed robot IG
Sontarian Terminators

On the other hand, it's just another project that will never get done....


  1. Boo! Projects are there to never *be* finished- that's why they're projects! I have like a billion ideas all on the backburner, and maybe one day I'll get them all up on the blog - but don't give up!

  2. Hi!

    I am actually starting a 15mm scale Rogue Trader project at the moment!

    Alas theres not much there yet but I hope to be able to add more soon!

    All the best!