Friday, 9 September 2011

Wyrdkrys the Fimir

Thanks to The Duke of the Blood Keep - Weird Chris, I now have a complete trio of Fimir for Heroquest. Henceforth, that Fimir shall be known as Wyrdkrys, and whenever he turns up in a game, everyone must cheer 'thanks Weird Chris!'.

All together now, 1,2 ,3 : it's Wyrdkrys the Fimir!

But who is our mysterious benefactor? Well Duke is a huge Otherworld miniatures fan... and it's a good thing he is too, as Cthulhu seems determined to commission him to paint at least 100 of every AD&D related miniature ever made...

Duke painted Cthulhu's Citadel AD&D uber-cool Githyanki invasion force
...and paints them very nicely, he does. Weird Chris, aka Duke of the Blood Keep does something quite graphic, that looks great on the tabletop and shows character rather than only looking good in macro high-res photography, crisp, clean, bold stuff, with a great sense of colour ...

Otherworld WE8a - Wolves & WE8b - Dire Wolves painted by the Duke

...but Chris not only paints minis and blogs about painting minis. At  Unboxed: The Board Game Blog he also writes insightful and entertaining reviews of boardgames, covering the latest releases from gaming giants like FFG, through to those of smaller independent publishers.  While there's a definite  leaning towards fantasy, dungeon crawls and LCGs, German style games also get a look in.  However, he's not afraid of getting Old School and giving the occasional charity shop find an airing, like his Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Boardgame review  and Space Crusade review, which are great prompts to dig those out of the attic, hunt them down on eBay or go scouring the second hand shops and car-boot sales in your neighbourhood!

So thanks again Chris.

There are exits to: Unboxed: The Board Game Blog and Duke of the Blood Keep

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