Monday, 19 September 2011

PITFIEND - The Artwork of Trevor Hammond

Announcing the grand opening of the new PITFIEND blog. After much arm-twisting, wailing and gnashing of teeth (all by me) Trevor Hammond agreed to my archiving at super high resolution, and promoting at full volume the artwork of the almighty lord of dungeon punk (my words, not his!). There isn't tonnes of stuff to see on the blog right now, but there's a lot more coming.

Merrik the ex-cleric - Trevor Hammond

Trevor kindly took some time out of his schedule and accepted a comission to illustrate a character straight out of my D&D playing misspent youth - a chaotic-evil un-dead half-orc ex-cleric (fighter) - yes it was that kind of campaign. Trevor actually completed the commission a while back, but it took me some time to source a suitable frame, spray paint it black, hang it from a tree and photograph it. Well, you know, sometimes when you get an idea in your head, you just have to see it though to the end...

...Although now I'm itching to curate an exhibition of b&w fantasy art in a forest with a guide-map, treasure hunting, letterboxing elements and Talisman style  combat, fusing street-art, interaction design and gaming. Entry fee includes character sheet, rule-book, map and d20...

What!?! You still 'ere? Go and follow PITFIEND!


  1. Perhaps you're just kidding about the forest exhibition, but that's an awesome idea. Thanks for the Pitfiend link...

  2. Brilliant! I've got all the Warlock mags in print and a digital archive of most WDs up to 100, so let me know if there's any particular scans you need!



  3. Hey Jason. I'm not kidding - it would be cool wouldn't it?!? Thanks for the positivity - I might make it happen yet.

    Andy - my WDs are paper :-) I think I've got the WD and Warlock works covered, I definitely don't have all the Black Sun 'zines.