Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Advanced Character Sheets from the Oubliette

The Oubliettes 1978 style character sheets have arrived, so I grabbed a pan, a pencil, and rolled up a Gnomish Fighter!

1E AD&D PHB | Barrowmaze Dice | Rotring 600 Pencil | Oubliette Character Sheets

How was using the sheet in character creation? Well it's nicely laid out and very clear. Some of the attributes aren't in the same order as they're displayed in the DMG, so I did make a few mistakes rolling through, but I consoled myself I was having a near genuine 1970s British Old School  experience. The quality of the paper (not too heavy or light, 125gsm I'm guessing, but I'm bad at guessing paper weights) is good and the print is matte, flat and black, with super crispy edges. All in all very nice, and I'm really happy with them.

Up until now, all the "iconics" for the RoZ / Bearoak campaign were randomly created using the Official AD&D Dungeon Masters Assistant II program from SSI. Randomly generated iconics? Why, yes, as examples of avatars and pregenerated characters of course they are randomly generated. Now all I need to do is write up a background for my Gnomish Fighter and do a portrait...

Character Sheet

Dieter Rams Record Player | via SwissMiss

OK, and  finally plug for Peters A7, 7mm graph paper pad, dubbed  The Pad of Geomorphic Intent, currently funded at £441 with 62 Backers.

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  1. Glad you like the sheets and thanks for plugging my next project. My Kickstarter dashboard already shows a new backer is on board thanks the the link in your post.