Sunday, 3 March 2013

Khaös Warband: Children of the Red Redemption

Another potential theme for my Khaös warband. This is a kind of childrens picture-book theme. Brian Jaques, Kenneth Grahame, C.S. Lewis, Allison Uttley, Beatrix Potter. Just the sort of thing Realms of Chaos was obviously intended for!


 Beastmen : Splintered Light Foxes

Beastmen : Splintered Light Squirrels

 Beastmen : Splintered Light Foxes
 Beastmen : Splintered Light Foxes

10 Wolves : Otherworld Wolfpack (again)

Forest Troll | Warploque Miniatures

Humans and Champion | Hasslefree Medival Kids

I think the Splintered Light Foxes and Squirrels by Bob Olley speak for themselves. Cute!

Paint up the Otherworld wolves in red and white as giant foxes to tie in the whole warband together thematically. Of course, these would be very large, very well fed foxes. There are a lot of modern wolf types, but they do all tend to be snarling tooth and claw, whereas these fellas just look like animals, and well suited for a kid friendly set.

I'd also want a quite friendly looking troll for the childrens theme, something from a John Bauer illustration or a Maurice Sendaks Where the Wild Things Are... but I don't think anyone makes good proxies of those.  Warploques Trolls are a touch too grotesque for this theme, but also have heaps of charm, and that storybook quality. I've been after these models since Warpy first started showing them off, but don't really have much of a project to fit them in so it's a good excuse to buy one.  In The Hobbit, Trolls turn to stone in daylight, so the temporal effect could be provided by painting him half stone. Levitating? hmm...

Hasselfrees Medieval Kids for the 3 humans.   to tie into the fox theme, perhaps general earth-tones  with orange/red and white accents, perhaps orange red hair.

Hasslefree Medieval Kids "Edmund" | via
Can't you just see this little bugger painted up like a Child of the Red Redemption, complete with Khorne skull rune on his shield and palid sickly complexion...

Overall, an excuse to get some figures I've wanted for ages anyway and just haven't finished off any of my other mini projects at all, so have kept putting off buying them and a chance support some independant miniature companies in the name of Oldhammerism. Total cost £75, plus postagey bits.


  1. I have those Hasslefree kids myself, they are great minis. I would love to see them subverted for use as psychopathic Khornate killers, preferably to the sound of 'Children of the Damned' by Maiden. Is that on the Oldhammer playlist yet?

  2. Love the idea, look forward to the paint jobs.

  3. Interesting idea - could be quite sinister!

    I've fancied some of those minis for a while too - was a big fan of the Redwall books as a kid and those Warploques Trolls also caught my eye when they came out (His Death Kiwis look good for Lustria too...).

    I can see some kind of Lord of the Flies (Nurgle?!) meets the Lost Boys with the kids, although the Khornate look would be great too.

  4. As my wife is currently teaching Lord of the Flies (not to me - I'm not some kind of 'project'), my imagination is ripe for the idea of Khornate Kids... but now I've said that it's starting to go all a bit Muppet Babies...

  5. I'd be very interested to see the finished 'band!

  6. @Paul - have you tried adding tracks to the playlist? It should be "open", give it a go, the more the merrier :-)

    I had originally started this idea via a Neverland route, with Wendy John and Michael as the humans, the beastmen as the Lost Boys in their animal suits, and the ticking crocodile as the troll, but couldn't find suitable miniatures.

    @Andy if it's Muppet Babies (they'll make your dreams come true), have a look at Darksword Anthro range, they're too cutesy for me, although the hawk-man is very nice Kenku.