Tuesday, 26 March 2013

On the Hlýss origin of the Tyranid

Ordo Xenos Astropath signals from the ancient warp-isolated Tékumel system report standard xenomorphic genetic dominance:

Tyranid | WH40K:RT | 1988
Hlýss | Empire of the Petal Throne | 1975
Local devolved Administorium have recorded "...the Hlýss are inquisitive and greedy for magical devices and weapons, and occasionally sail forth in their hive-like ships (made of the same bodily secretion) to seek items of interest and food for their young. Each nest-ship and each settlement contain at least one of their huge breeder-females—the ‘Hlýss-Mother’."

The fossil record shows the evolution of the Hlýss to have predated the discovery of the Acheron (LV-426) xenomorph (rf: secretions-construct / hive-mother / morphic resonance) by 4 years.

Hail the Emperor!



  1. ha ha loving it, I am currently reading Ravenor on the bus and he has just made the first discovery of tyranids 400 years before the hive fleets

  2. Careful Zhu, you will provoke GW into dishing out a cease and desist order to the Tekumel Foundation!

  3. One of the (many) things I love about the early RT background is that it is broad enough to just shove something like Tekumel in and it would still work. The 'only one star and that's the planets sun' thing doesn't quite work but that's hardly the most important facet of Tekumel gaming.

    It's because early RT background is designed to be _useful_ and _helpful_ to the DM not simply very poor non-prose fiction.

  4. "... it is clear now that through some freak of space, some fault in the fabric of Time itself, the solar system of Tékumel was cast into some other-dimensional 'hole in the sky'" (EPT p.3) Sounds rather like a RT era system-isolating warp-storm. Pocket universes are a useful device in creating a multiverse. The deities of Tékumel are suspiciously like warp entities as well, albeit somewhat more benevolent.

    Lol! I think Tékumel Foundation is safe from the attentions of the Administratum. Would be nice if GW openly recognised the giants whose shoulders upon which they are standing. Unlikely, but nice.

    Ravenor? is that one of the books with the Temple of Psychic Youth logo on the front. Should have written that up as 40k background material too...