Friday, 23 October 2015

How to Build a Hydra

WE24 Hydra by [ZHU]
Recently drew an instruction sheet for Otherworld Miniatures Hydra model, showing which head connects to which socket, fortunately the faces on the beast are each uniquely expressive making identifying them quite simple once you have a guide to follow.

WE24 Hydra | Early 80s style mini photography
So I tested the instructions  by temporarily putting the model together with blue-tack, and photographed in an attempt at an early 1980s wargames magazine style. Although I'm sure those heavy blacks would have caused no end of production difficulties.

Otherworld Hydra propainted in glorious Technicolour!

Sculpted by John Pickford and cast in resin, the Hydra miniature (and it's attendant instruction sheet) are available from Otherworld Miniatures. Otherworld are currently having a Ninth Birthday Sale, everything 20% off using checkout code 9THBIRTHDAY, which runs til 9th November. Many happy returns to the Demon Idol!


  1. What a great instruction sheet - poster-ready! You are a multitalented man, sir!