Friday, 16 October 2015

The Excellent Travelling Volume #4

My cover for the Excellent Travelling Volume #4 - based on the Garden of Weeping Snows adventure seed in M.A.R. Barkers The Empire of the Petal Throne RPG (1975, TSR inc), where the condemned Wizard Nyélmu is imprisoned deep beneath the city of Jakálla, and the Singer of Doom lures the unwary through the poisoned gardens to meet their fates...

Garden of Weeping Snows The Excellent Traveling Volume #4

Written and published by James Maliszewski, The Excellent Travelling Volume is a limited edition  print-only fanzine for The Empire of the Petal Throne RPG . Issue #4 is available to order now from the Grognardia website.

Very limited numbers of issue #3, featuring my drawing of The River of Silence on the cover are also still available. 

The Excellent Travelling Volume #3


  1. That looks ace! I love these montage-type images but you tend to see them done in a Drew Struzan painterly style, rather than the clean line here; I think it works well.

    1. Thanks Kelvin! Glad the 'cinematic' vibe is coming through as that is something I was hoping to achieve with this trilogy of EPT images (there is a 3rd one - the Tomb of Mnekshétra for issue #5) although asian cinema, Blaxpolitation and Kung fu movies of the 1970s was more on my mind.

      Gaming wise in the 80s Clyde Caldwell's D&D Gazetter covers, some of Elmores Dragonlance (DL5 - Dragons of Mystery) use similar classic movie montage compositions. Tom Jungs work on starwars probably setting the standard.

  2. Lovely! Some great posing and faces =)