Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Khaös Warband: Otherworld Miniatures

Looking at my randomly generated Realms of Chaos warband, the thing that immediately pops into my mind is to use Otherworld Miniatures range of D&D inspired minis. One reason is that I already own several of these and I really like them!


Pigfaced Orc Warband

wolves a
wolves (b)

dire wolves
WE8c Wolf Pack
OG7 Ogre Mage

Me1a Berserkers

OK, so Pig Faced Orcs are Orcs, not Broo, can I get away with it? besides the fact they're Kevin Adams, maybe I can paint them red...  Oh and I've decided to refer to GWs beastmen as Broo, because it's more oldschool, and true to the roots. Jo Brumbys wolves are lovely, seriously nice, naturalistic wolves. The Ogre Mage, I can just imagine him on a flying cloud - Monkey style, so he's got a kind of oreintal trollish mystic vibe. Whether he's a Troll or an Ogre, hmm, I don't think it matters. The Berserkers are just spot on.


UD3c Zombies III

I think the Champion is going to cause me most problems finding a suitable miniature. The Zombie on the right could work if painted in natural-ish skin-tones, but it's not quite there.

Overall I think these are pretty great figures, and I already own some of them (half the wolves and all the orcs required).  Total cost, £93.00, and I'll use these minis again for other things. But on the other hand I do feel like replacing the Broo with Orcs is cheating a little bit too much.


  1. I looked at their Gnolls on Saturday (at the Waylands Forge shop in Brum) while wondering about their suitability for Beastmen proxies, Gnolls after all being basically Hyena-Men.

  2. I was in Richards office/shop just the other day spend some more voucher credit. Only after getting the tour of his new premises with gaming level did I notice the awesome carrier bag (I kid you not awesome it was) i was in the car by then so couldn't ask Richard who did it. I have suspicions though, have you been drawing idol carrier bags for other world zhu?

    Yes the gnolls are great, hyena men as you say Coop. If you paint he orcs in flesh tones they'd make great pigmen Zhu.

  3. Good call, and what with the dog-headed Khorne theme. I'll definitely keep them in mind as an option.

  4. Oh, and yes, carrier bag was me...

  5. You need an excuse to buy more Otherworld minis?


    I reckon a mix of pink flesh tones and black spots (Gloucester Old Spot) would make some great Pigmen/Broo.

  6. When I read your post about your champion I pictured him thus... Might be an embuggerance to acquire one though.

  7. For beastmen, I've been looking at the Foundry satyrs and Greek minotaurs, as well as their very Broo-like beastmen range.

  8. Yep those foundry beast men are on my get once I've bought up all the old stuff I want.

  9. Thantants how did you know all my AD&D Orc tribes are named after traditional English pig breeds? The Bearoak natives are the Black Orcs, but the others are still basically green but with markings.

    Not feeling those Foundry ones at the moment for some reason. maybe they're all a bit too similar, fine for a huge army, but I want a bit more character.