Monday, 25 February 2013

Khaös Warband: TR00 AND KVLT

Back to the old-school, some more ideas for my warband, a bit more a celebration of 30 years since the Mark of Chaos than 25 years of the Realms of Chaos, but let's face it, if the guys had got on with it, Realms would have been published for 1st Edition, so in parallel Oldhammerland it's the same thing. Really, how long does it take to create a D1000 mutations table? Of course, in those days Broo were real Broo, and 80p for 2, and bases were solid, and miniatures were 25mm...


9x Chaos Broo

10 x Fantasy Cavalry Wolves
1x Troll

CO1 Fighters

"I have always thought that those very early Beastmen/Broo were the best Beastmen we ever did." - Bryan Ansell. I think he'd be right. The Chaos Broo range are hugely evocative. Dressed in rags, adorned with grizzly trophies, a psychotic maraudering warband of half-human half beast. There are many classic goat-headed types, reminiscent of Goya or Fichero and Levl as much as Hammer Horror, Goat of Mendes style twisted evil types, the like of which John Blanche graced the cover of the Citadel Compendium (model here).  Alongside those are aberrations such as the two-headed lizard man straight out of Fighting Fantasy. No wonder everyone played Runequest back in the day. Wardy has a written up a pretty good overview of official Broo figures from a variety of manufacturers, and of course the CCMwiki is the place to see the Citadel Runequest range, in the lead as it were.

Wolves. A bit stuck really, there are I think, 3 possible models, all of which aren't very good. The Chronicle range are far superior monsters, but all have saddles, which would take some extensive modding to make into something more fitting.

Trolls. Again, nothing perfect - most of these are "just" normal trolls, not flying, not time-slippy weird things.

3 CO1 fighters might be worth a go - perhaps some classic horned helmed flail/mace proto-chaos warriors from the Chaos Fighters sub-range, or something a bit more disgusting and grubby, like brood mares...


C21 Plague Rider

Keeping things Tr00 and Kvlt... with the right paint job (think Red Skull mask rather than actual skeleton) the Plague Rider could work really nicely, both mount and rider look forlorn and despondent. Mounting the champion does make a lot of sense, as it improves armour and speed. Without giving too much away, hit and run tactics might come into play, the Toughness and Attack reduction is potentially devastating.

This is definitely got a specific aesthetic, filth-encrusted, deranged and very slightly carnivalesque, over-hyphenated, crust-punk neo-folk version of the Wickerman. All together I recon I'd need around £140 worth of old lead. But to be blunt, the wolves are crap, but it's hard to resist that distant braying... the call of the Broo!


  1. That plague rider is a gorgeous mini, just perfect.

  2. Do it, do it, do it.

    You'll thank me later.

  3. Solid bases, now you are talking. How about the Asgard warg

    which has a bit more menace. They crop up on ebay now and again, or maybe Viking Forge still have the moulds.

  4. It's not GW/Oldhammer figures, but I think it would channel the right time period...

    How about something from RAFM call of cthulu for your troll. I quite like the flying polup as a troll undergoing something bad due to instability.

  5. Springinsfeld that Asgard Warg is great, shame they only seem to have made 1 variant, as 10 of the would look a bit too regimented.

    Daveb, yeah it's totally Oldhammer! Make a very nice Chaos Spawn. I'm still fixated on the WYSIWYG aspect, so ideally it should still be a bit trollish, but that's a definite keeper for a Preslotta Chaos army.

  6. Ha, thanks for the encouragement Erny... and Paul, yes, she's a beaut - single piece casting too.