Saturday, 2 February 2013

RBG & Oubliette Kickstarters

Red Box Games
RBG are back again with a new Kickstarter, this time kicking off with some Goblins, including these lovely footmen which have just been unlocked.

Goblin Footmen

Much in the vein of John Bauer / Brian Froud, with scavanged equipment it's kind of thing going on that really make these goblins stand out against many other goblinoids out there. I tend to use the words folksy and woodsy a lot to describe things I like, and I think they apply equally well here.

Loads more  at the Kickstarter including Archers, Berserkers, Trolls, Wolfriders, yeah!


Advanced Character Sheet

Also a big shout-out to the Oubliette crew for resurrecting the original 1978 Games Workshop AD&D character sheet (if anyone asks, copyright duration on typographic arrangements is 25 years in the UK).

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Just to wax lyrical about hte graphic design here, it's full on, but rather than talk about fat-line, rounded corners, Star Wars toy packaging, Logans Run typography and architecture or the interior design of the Imperial Death Star. No, I'm not even going to suggest the elegant modernist rationality mirrors the design ethos of Dieter Rams and direct your attention to the flow of the Dex-box into the skills.

Instead I'm going to suggest you throw the pad on the front dash of your Volvo 245 Estate, drive to your DM's op-art bachalorette pad, put some Hawkwind on the Beosystem, pick up some Lambert and Butlers, grab your 3D6 and roll one up while she lays out the GW floorplans and pre-slotta Citadel Miniatures.


Glamorous Russian Chess Mistress
Welcomes you to the OSR

And there are some killer deals - including £12 for 2 printed A4 pads and all 8 issues of Oubliette zine as a PDF. Currently it's only £78 off making it's target goal of £300, go on, game like it's 1978. 

Apologies to Tre and Paul for lumping these together, without even so much as bothering to juxtapose them  other than them both being very cool, lazy Zhu. Commercial transmission ends, normal service will resume shortly.

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